How to Resolve Disputes with the Line Fences Act

“Good fences make good neighbours.” From the poem “Mending Wall,” it is easily one of Robert Frost’s most often quoted lines, and if you’re at odds with the couple next door over an ugly (or absent) fence, it has likely crossed your mind.

Experiences and memories matter much more than things; and time with loved ones, especially in their winter season of life, is precious. As parents age wisdom tells us to cherish as much time as we can with them by having more conversations, taking more pictures and creating new memories. Preparation and organization translate to saving time and avoiding unnecessary stress. 

To save time and expense around your will-drafting appointment, we recommend collecting the following documents and bringing copies in with you.

Handing first-time buyers the keys to their new home is one of the everyday joys of being a real estate lawyer. There’s a good reason they show this moment in the movies and TV commercials: it’s a fun and exciting milestone, and we are proud to be part of it. Unfortunately, the hours we spend on careful calculations and paperwork prior to this moment do not make for thrilling television, and too many new homeowners find themselves caught unawares when it comes to the legal expenses due on closing day.

In Canada, it is never too late to report a crime. In Ontario civil cases, however, the law is quite different, and varies slightly across the country. If you have suffered a loss or injury and are considering legal action, it is important to consult with a lawyer to gain a detailed understanding of how the limitation rules apply to your unique situation. That being said, all private citizens can benefit from understanding the general rules for their province.

Though it bears little resemblance to the brightly-wrapped treasures you have given them over the years, a Will is one of the most important gifts you can give your loved ones. By expressing your final wishes in the form of a Will, you will be giving your family a clear plan to follow during a very difficult time, and also helping them to avoid many unnecessary stresses or conflicts around issues such as inheritance, choice of an executor, guardianship of children, and funeral arrangements.

Our practice is built on hard work...but also on integrity, decency, compassion, wisdom, courage, innovation, and idealism. When we practice law this way we benefit not only ourselves, but more importantly, you.

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